Massage and Reflexology

Now that we have had a successful month of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for our members, we are confident that restarting our massage and reflexology therapies will be just as successful. Our first appointments are on Tuesday 8th September and we plan to run sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is great that after allContinue reading “Massage and Reflexology”

Yoga for the immune system

Karen Noon, a qualified yoga teacher who herself has MS, will be running an online yoga workshop for the MS Centre. All funds raised will be donated to the Centre and the workshop will be suitable for beginners. You can take part sitting on a chair. The workshop will take place on Monday 28th June,Continue reading “Yoga for the immune system”

HBOT Possible Resumption

As of June 10th, we are still currently unable to welcome members back for oxygen therapy. We are, though, investigating the possibility of providing therapy in a secure way for members who really want and need to resume their hyperbaric oxygen therapy. All members have been contacted and we are waiting to see how manyContinue reading “HBOT Possible Resumption”