Please note: whilst we are working with Covid-19 guidelines in place, our charges have changed slightly. Any therapy in addition to HBOT will be a stand-alone charge of £15 for MS patients and £20 for other conditions, regardless of any HBOT therapy in the same week.

We endeavour to keep all our charges as low as possible, but there are many costs we have to incur to keep our centre running.  

To use any of our services you must first become a member .

Annual Membership fee (Jan to Dec) £30

Prices are for treatments you have within a week and cannot be carried forward to another week.  The fees for any week you receive treatment are: 

Weekly Costs For Members With MS

Initial HBOT saturation£51 (5 sessions in one week)
Up to 2 HBOT sessions£20
One therapy£15
Additional HBOT or additional therapy£12

Weekly Costs For Members With Other Conditions

(eg ME, fibromyalgia, stroke, arthritis, Parkinson’s cerebral palsy, cancer, Sports injury etc)

Initial HBOT Saturation£65 (5 sessions in one week)
Up to 2 HBOT sessions£25
One therapy£20
Additional HBOT or additional therapy£15

Payment details

Please make your payments directly into our bank account through online bank transfer or telephone banking. Our bank details are:

Lloyds Bank
Sort Code
Account Number
MK Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Group

Sports Clubs
Sports clubs can join as a group, enabling their members to receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for £40 per person per session.
The annual membership fee for the club is £40.

All members pay an additional £2 per session for free-flow oxygen when using a hood.